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"Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake"— Lois McMaster Bujold







Fix for Firefox Users of BookLikes

BookLikes user Linda Hilton has been having trouble using BookLikes for several months now and today (yesterday?) she posted a screenshot of what happens when she tries to create posts.  This made it possible to recreate the issue on my machine using the latest version of Firefox.  Note: Linda is on a Windows machine and I'm on a Mac, but the behaviour was the same for both.


Turns out this is a widely experienced problem for a lot of Firefox users on an odd variety of websites.  For this reason, it seemed a good idea to create a post about it in case others are also having this issue.  Of the threads I researched all indicated only one solution, which is outlined below.


I DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING.  The directions below are easy, but they DO involve altering Firefox's configuration, which in most normal circumstances is NOT something anyone should feel free to do out of curiosity.  


Only do this if you are experiencing the same issues Linda is with creating posts and leaving comments on other people's posts.


Again, I have to stress it's important to BE CAREFUL!


Here are the directions - do it ONLY if you feel comfortable; standard disclaimers apply, I guarantee nothing, etc.


1. Take a deep cleansing breath and type:
in the firefox URL/address bar. You will get a pop up with dire warnings about voided warranties (??). This is because if you change things willy-nilly from this, you will break your browser. As long as you ONLY change this one setting, you'll be fine. Click the "I'll be Careful" button to get a list of all possible configuration settings in Firefox.


2 Scroll through the list (it's in alphabetical order) - or use the search bar - and find:


It's entry will look something like this (might differ slightly between Mac and Windows):
dom.disable_beforeunload       default         boolean        false


Double click it and it should change to:
dom.disable_beforeunload     MODIFIED       boolean         TRUE
(capitalisation mine for emphasis)


Note: Double clicking on it again will return it to its default/false state should you wish to undo the change.


That's it. Once you've done that and it reads 'modified' and "true" you can close that tab, reload Booklikes and it should work. It worked for me.


This is NOT the ideal because it's not something any average user would/should know about, but of the half-dozen links I read, every single one said this was the only solution. And it works, so there's that. :)



(Please feel free to reblog if you know of anybody who might benefit from this.)

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I think I'm molding

I'm no longer sure rainy days are good for reading.  We've had it nonstop for so long it's just plain gloomy.


*sigh* and I shouldn't complain because at least the temperature is mild and it's not the dreaded February iceovers and wintry mixes.  Pleasant temps give me spring fever which doesn't help.


Lots of flood warnings and dangerous river levels (I'm in Kentucky but not near rivers or other flood dangers).

"You must write every single day of your life... You must lurk in libraries and climb the stacks like ladders to sniff books like perfumes and wear books like hats upon your crazy heads... may you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world.

 —Ray Bradbury 

I'm almost afraid to say anything — but, looks like my notifications including comments are back again

Of course, I thought that yesterday morning as well.

I just cannot — even during my free Kindle Unlimited trial — download and read ebooks with no book descriptions

No, no, nope -- just not going to do it.


I need more than quoted praises from not well recognized sources (and possibly a good bookcover) to hook me.  And I'm not wasting my time scrolling screen after screen through the praises hoping to find the description/synopsis.

Follow Links Vs. No Follow Links: Should You Care?

"SEO" in this article stands for Search Engine Optimization (e,g., maybe you don't want your warning against some site or person to improve their search engine ranking positions on Google, yahoo, Bing, etc.).  Won't prevent search engine bots from indexing your post with that text, but clicking the link won't aid SEO.


The nofollow tag is basically a notice sign for search engines saying “don’t count this.” Per article: "A no follow link is a link that does not count as a point in the page’s favor, does not boost PageRank, and doesn’t help a page’s placement in the SERPs. No follow links get no love. Theirs is a sad and lonely life.". By removing referring site as well, makes it harder to trace back to your own sites.


On booklikes, to insert the nofollow tag, create your link* then edit the HTML (the last edit option on menu line with block quotes, bold, italics,merc. that looks like a less-than-sign greater-than sign) and manually enter it.  Add the rel="nofollow" right before the link's closing > .


*Normally, just typing in the link starting with "http://" creates a URL link in a booklikes post.  But, if your created link appears in your post as, for example, "http://blog.booklikes.com" instead of http://booklikes.com -- try just adding a space immediately after as a quick fix.  Signifies to booklikes the url is finished ( and allows more complicated links with = ?  / , etc.).  If that doesn't work, highlight link text and click the chainlink icon to insert relevant info (if still nothing working, resort to the HTML editor and manually type in the code).

Source: http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2013/07/24/follow-nofollow-links

"I came to the conclusion long ago that all religions were true and that also that all had some error in them, and while I hold by my own religion, I should hold other religions as dear as Hinduism.

So we can only pray, if we were Hindus, not that a Christian should become a Hindu; but our innermost prayer should be that a Hindu should become a better Hindu, a Muslim a better Muslim, and a Christian a better Christian."

—Mahatma Gandhi

When a traditionally published author threatens reviewer or tries to suppress consumer speech ...

... rat them out to their publisher.  Grab a screenshot if possible (most sites will remove threatening posts) so it may not stay up long) to give them.  Links to Internet posts/comments (permalink special if available), copies of emails and messages, etc. can be brought to publisher attention.


I've seen several lately.  Weird because not really one of the traditional times of year the BBA are active (nor is it usually the traditionally-published other than the grand dame of the Amazon forums).


One I found rather hilarious:  a consumer-speech-suppressing "genius" thinks it's a good threat to tell a reviewer that they will get their publisher to blacklist the reviewer (nope, reviewer was not an author--presumably this genius author thinks everyone is a book blogger soliciting review copies from publishers and ARC sites like NetGalley ).  


Would one of the big five publishers even care about a single merely "liked it" review from just a reader with a tiny following on a single book site plus personal blog?  Or would they be more bothered by author making public threats against anyone not five-starring?


How would a publisher even blacklist just a customer?  Put a seal on all their hardcopy publications listing which customers are blacklisted (and how would retailer know if a person paid by cash)?  How would a publisher keep the blacklist seal on physical copies up to date (and how would they convince bookstores not to sell anyone a book)?  If restricting sales only to certain customers, why bother publishing rather then sticking to private sales?  Isn't it more likely many publishers have clear ideas -- and even contract clauses -- about how they expect their authors appear to the customers and potential customers (even if our merely consumer reviews are not as important as they would be to the self-published)?



Reading progress: 76%.

Tempt the Stars - Karen Chance

But now he’d had time to think about it. And, apparently, to work up a massive attitude. I seemed to have that effect on the men in my life, I thought darkly, and took another sip of something horrible. We were in a bar in the...

I have notifications of comments!!!!!!!!!! Yee-Hah

Ack dribble drool aaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh yaaaaaaaay wooooooooooooot woooooooot ...

48 new releases in book series out today

Outpost - W. Michael Gear Battle Hymn - William C. Dietz Claws for Concern (Cat in the Stacks Mystery) - Miranda James Ink, Iron, and Glass - Gwendolyn Clare, Mike Heath Death of an Honest Man (A Hamish Macbeth Mystery) - M. C. Beaton Winter Igniting (Scorpius Syndrome) (Volume 5) - Rebecca Zanetti
Source: http://www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar

3 Giveaways!

Read interview with author Edward Hackemer and enter to win a signed copy of "Sangria Sunsets"-- giveaway ends 2/28/2018! Enter to win a signed ARC of "Something of Substance" by Tia Souders-- giveaway ends 2/27/2018! Enter to win a copy of "Something Just Like This" by Tracy Krimmer-- giveaway ends 2/27/2018! Good luck and happy reading!


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Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I got a notification that someone joined a bookclub!

Dare I hope that means notifications are fixed or being fixed?

Reading progress: 87%.

Tempt the Stars - Karen Chance
“Here.” Casanova handed over his precious bottle of hell juice.

I blinked at him. 


“You’re white as a sheet,” he said gruffly.


I took the bottle, a little gingerly. And okay, if I’d needed confirmation that things were bad, I’d just gotten it.


Casanova was being nice to me. We were so fucked. 

Reading progress: 81%.

Tempt the Stars - Karen Chance

But by then I was under the table, grabbing Casanova and the bottle he was still holding.

“Give me that!” “

Getcherown,” he slurred, and grabbed it back. And blinked around blearily, before focusing on the veiled guard who had just dove after me. Only Casanova apparently thought he was also after his precious hell juice. So he bonked him on the head with it.

Reading progress: 83%.

Tempt the Stars - Karen Chance

He preferred to let other people to deal with his problems, preferably while he stood around and informed them about what they were doing wrong.