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Just an avid reader. Mostly SF/Fantasy, some hobbies, paranormal, urban fantasy and lighter, fluffier things.


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"Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake"— Lois McMaster Bujold


About Me

Just a reader, not a marketing target.


Booklikes is the closest I come to having a book blog. I don't open my non-booksite social media to be basically chain letters for everyone's promotions so lease don't friend me on Twitter and Facebook for that purpose. Too many bugs with booklikes and menus to attempt to be a librarian here. I track my series on fictfact. I echo reviews to Leafmarks and do librarian work there. I have compromised on goodreads after Amazon buyout by leaving pre-buyout reviews but making no new ones (was very active and a librarian; now I'm only active in some groups and voluntarily stopped being a librarian). I have a Library Thing account but have no idea what to do with, his to find the feed or even how to mark books "read" or "currently reading."


I like books I can get into the characters or the world building or flat out enjoy. Mostly SF and Fantasy, some paranormal and lighter, fluffier things for my amusement. Just another escapee from goodreads exploring the possibilities.


I won't rule out any particular genre.  But, not so much into the dark or senseless violence stuff. I am nearly 50 and most of the Young Adult (okay, I know I am now supposed to call some of it "New Adult") genre not appealing.  I do read some YA/NA but have zero patience with high school settings dripping with angst scenarios.


Developing a real dislike of steampunk and dystopian books (but, I concede there are authors who overcome the trope).  


 I choose my own books, usually from the blurb, from favorite authors or from recommendations From readers I know share my personal tastes.  From feed posts that make them sound interesting.  I read to read and do not accept any books to read for review (my mind's not wired for it; spoils the read for me). Which means any socializing or discussions I do with authors is just that -- not a ploy to get free books.


I overreact very badly to any author who equates getting a negative review or rating with being raped or bullied; that demeans real victims and undermines real prevention efforts.


I have no affiliate or purchase links; if you want to show support for any of my posts or reviews here, support the booklikes site/community by going to "dashboard" and using the search bar to purchase books via the booklikes' purchase links.