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Download All 4 Murderbot Books For Free (Before Network Effect Arrives!)

All Systems Red - Martha Wells Artificial Condition - Martha Wells Rogue Protocol - Martha Wells Exit Strategy - Martha Wells

So I got hooked on these when TOR had first book free -- bitching the whole way at the cost of the other novellas in the series but still hooked enough to preorder the things.


Now during this pandemic and before the May release of the 5th novella, TOR is making all four free, one each day (I wasn't online to post before now).  They are very serious about cutoff times (they don't spam the email you give them).


I am so ready to be back in Murderbot's head when the new book arrives.


Download here.   Publisher site for more info on the series is here.  

Source: http://www.tor.com/2020/04/20/download-all-4-murderbot-books-for-free-before-network-effect-arrives