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Just an avid reader. Mostly SF/Fantasy, some hobbies, paranormal, urban fantasy and lighter, fluffier things.


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High Stakes Trial (Magical Washington #3)
Mindy Klasky
The Glittering Court
Richelle Mead
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Right Hand Magic (Golgotham #1)
Nancy A. Collins
Progress: 15 %
White Trash Zombie Apocalypse
Diana Rowland
Progress: 20 %
Sisters of the Raven
Barbara Hambly
Progress: 80 %
Gemina (The Illuminae Files)
Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman
Caliban's War
James S.A. Corey
Progress: 2 %
Chaos Choreography
Seanan McGuire
The Dragonbone Chair
Tad Williams
Progress: 14 %
Terminal Uprising
Jim C. Hines

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"Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake"— Lois McMaster Bujold







Name of that book?

I'm with a friend driving me nutty to find a book with a lot of "only if" plot points and a 31-year old bride dying on wedding day.  At first they insisted Mitch Albom was autbor then maybe Nicholas Sparks -- went through all those and they said nope.  At first said was "new" now saying published last year or year before.

Surprise - it's four free LGBTQ+ novellas this month from publisher TOR (deadline June 8)

The Black Tides of Heaven; A Taste of Honey; Passing Strange; The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion - Ellen Klages, Margaret Killjoy, Kai Ashante Wilson, Carl Engle-Laird, JY Yang The Black Tides of Heaven - JY Yang A Taste of Honey - Kai Ashante Wilson Passing Strange - Ellen Klages The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion (Danielle Cain) - Margaret Killjoy

In order to download free, you do need to subscribe your email address.  They don't flood you with other marketing emails.  You do have to act lightning fast when you get the email because these stay available free almost no time.  Download = http://ebookclub.tor.com .


Publisher info on the books is at https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781250305923 


There's a bookclub on booklikes for these at http://booklikes.com/book-clubs/88/tor-monthly-free-ebook-science-fiction-and-fantasy   (TOR publishes mainly science fiction and fantasy genre books).  

Source: http://ebookclub.tor.com

Oh Horrors! Fictfact closed. Please do reblog so everyone using knows to download their data.

Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!  Just went to update my series read to see this from fictfact:

"FictFact is closed.

We recently lost our primary source of income, Amazon Associate sales. Due to a minor error on our part, we unknowingly had in infraction of their terms. We tried to appeal after we corrected the issue, but was not successful and they terminated our account. Over the years, we have had donations from our wonderful supporters, but it is not enough to cover our operating costs. We are extremely sad to have to close down the site after almost 10 years. Thank you for all your support over the years!!


Please login to download your book data as a CSV file before July 1, 2019."

Even back in goodreads' heyday, I tracked my series reads there.  No other booksite has their series features.  Leafmarks might have gotten there then went defunct; Shelfari was close ... with booklikes purchase links missing or no longer working, I even made sure to use fictfact's links when buying books in order to support them.  I wish they'd have tried asking for funding from members and asking members to buy more at barnes-and-noble and their other purchase links.


I have no issues with the simple series info on goodreads or booklikes (except thoroughness on booklikes) -- but it's just not the features I wanted.  And goodreads has so many new librarians that overwrite series info without reading the descriptions or librarian notes explaining long researched accuracies that it's a gamble -- even if I was willing to go back to goodreads.  Heck, goodreads' "My Books" and search doesn't even have a series column.


Source: http://www.fictfact.com

A third in series just released

High Stakes Trial (Magical Washington #3) - Mindy Klasky Fright Court - Mindy Klasky Law and Murder (Fright Court) (Volume 2) - Mindy Klasky

Just downloaded High Stakes Trial - Mindy Klasky  .  I enjoyed the first two -- admittedly on the humorous chick lit side despite paranormal elements.


Hadn't realized a third was in the works.

This month's free ebook from publisher TOR (deadline May 17)

Autonomous: A Novel - Annalee Newitz

In order to download free, you do need to subscribe your email address.  They don't flood you with other marketing emails.  You do have to act lightning fast when you get the email because these stay available free almost no time.


There's a bookclub on booklikes for these at http://booklikes.com/book-clubs/88/tor-monthly-free-ebook-science-fiction-and-fantasy   (TOR publishes mainly science fiction and fantasy genre books).  

Source: http://ebookclub.tor.com

Repeat after me ...

..."Customers are customers."*


We are not your paid publicists.


If we do leave a product/service opinion, you do not get input.


We don't have to use your desired marketing keywords or tags.


We don't have to consider your average rating when giving our own opinions.  We can use the rating system that website allows us to use. 


If we don't want to leave a review, nagging us endlessly by text, email, phone calls, etc. either won't change that or even cause a less favorable one noting the endless nagging.  Sometimes, the reason someone isn't leaving a review is that they have chosen not to leave negative reviews--you probably should leave well enough alone.


*I'm not just referring to authors.  Everyone is so friggin' review and survey insistent nowadays.  I'm not anyone's publicity machine and if I'm busy, I'm busy.  Yes, your business and brand are important to you -- that doesn't mean it's now somehow my job to get involved in any of it beyond paying agreed upon fee/purchase-price.  I'm also not obligated to now take your sales force around and introduce them to my neighbors--if it comes up, I either will or won't recommend you but I'm not going to be intrusive on your behalf.

While browsing books ...

...a description said something about someone's "inner goddess."


I just can't.  That phrase is ruined for me forever.





Just saw that booklikes extended domain registration another year

Their whois entry now says good thru May 2020 at least.

Reading progress: 12%.

The Glittering Court - Richelle Mead The Selection - Kiera Cass

Not getting a paranormal, fantasy or urban fantasy vibe so not sure why this book was marketed that way and as another The Selection -- other than possibly that the author normally writes in those genres.  More of a mail order brides headed to the 13 colonies vibe; hardly the bachelor tv show style stuff as the selection since multiple potential husbands bid for them versus vie to be selected by only one bride.  


Yes, I get that the new world is called "Adoria" rather than Americas, the colonies, the new world, etc. and England is called "Osfrid" (with the technology and feel of pre-Civil-War or pre-Restoration with the start of cavaliers and puritans).


But that's just name changes and a few liberties with historical stuff, not any real worldbuilding yet.  And not reading as YA, either, other than that the main character wasn't of age yet so had a guardian who could force her into an arranged marriage (causing her to flee Osfrid to take her chances with "The Glittering Court" aka brides for sale to the colonists willing to cough up the fees).

Reading progress: 2%.

The Glittering Court - Richelle Mead

"The reality is that most girls in your situation . . . well, endure. There’s nothing else you can do. There’s nowhere else you can go"


Booklikes YA Book Club read

The Glittering Court - Richelle Mead

Just starting this for booklikes YA book club.  I've liked other books by this author but reviews from friends are so mixed it should be interesting.

Source: http://booklikes.com/book-clubs/12/ya-book-club

Reading progress: 15%.

Right Hand Magic (Golgotham #1) - Nancy A. Collins

So far, a bit on the "fluffy" or light side of paranormal (and not trying to be or supposed to be humorous).  An easy seeming world building I expect to get deeper as book goes further along.  Right now a bit girl-in-city chicklit with some supernaturals thrown in.

Reading progress: 80%.

Sisters of the Raven - Barbara Hambly

Oh gee, was just going to read the sample of this but it hooked me quickly.


Very vivid worldbuilding and characters right from page one.  Love the atmosphere.

Free ebook from publisher TOR

Walkaway - Cory Doctorow

Go to https://ebookclub.tor.com/ to download (they do ask for your email) until April 20.


Publisher's page for more book details is here.


Book club on booklikes is here.



Source: http://ebookclub.tor.com

Reading progress: 2%.

Caliban's War - James S.A. Corey

Oh my, I'm really caught up in this series.  (Still not viewing the tv adaptation.)

"Ganymede didn’t erode or weather. It changed when rocks fell on it from space, or when warm water from the liquid core forced itself onto the surface and created short-lived lakes. Neither thing happened all that often.


At home on Mars, wind and dust changed the landscape hourly. Here, she was walking through the footsteps of the day before and the day before and the day before."

If booklikes closes when domain registration expires in May, I can be found:

UPDATE:  Booklikes (or someone) did extend the domain registration another year.





I never put my email address public on the internet -- but for booklikes I will put my Kentucky email:  donealrice@twc.com ( in June I'll be migrating to a Nevada one when I'm happy with an isp ).


I guess after I finish moving the next week or so I'll try to start a blog, hopefully managing to link that into bloglovin and such.  I'll shout that out when I set it up.


I'm on LibraryThing at https://www.librarything.com/profile/Spurts , Libib at http://spurts.libib.com/ , and I'm "donealrice" on Eidelweiss.  Fictfact doesn't have any social but there I'm http://www.fictfact.com/user/DONealRice .  I've kept an account on goodreads at https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/6282458-debbie-s-spurts-d-a but have mostly stuck to some group activities.


If anyone finds startups, happy to look into (and to at least upload data file to plump up their book data).