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Of all things requested or broken, well, goodreads just announced that one was fixed

Announcement was made at that link  that average ratings and number of reviews now immediately and automatically refresh instead of being in the 10-minute through 72-hour or longer cache like book searches and other features.


Good news for authors watching ratings and readers using them (both because when it took days to show up it really looked like a bug and because if review didn't show up yet you wondered if maybe was being censored or investigated).


Incredibly great news for the badly behaving and their sockpuppets/minions gaming the system with tons of fraudulent ratings because now they will show up quicker than goodreads staff can remove or readers flag.


I was yelled at (when I was a goodreads librarian) for giving authors directions on how to manually refresh ratings because it put extra work on the database.


Hopefully for anyone still using goodreads that means other heavily cached items (like search results,series info, etc.) are also being worked on. I suspect they were tired of getting bug reports about it.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1927319-book-rating-stats-now-refresh-automatically?page=1#comment_number_1