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Born to Run - Larry Dixon, Mercedes Lackey

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I liked this well enough but not thrilled. Before starting, I was afraid it might be dated because published almost a quarter century ago—it wasn't. A few song titles are now retro rather than currently cutting edge popular. A wild mix of urban fantasy, elves, muscle cars, racing, magic, Seelie and Unseelie courts, etc. that for the time was incredibly original.


While not dated, I think I more like the concept than the actual read. It just missed a balance of factors for me so that sometimes it was too much or too little car stuff, or magic or elf stuff — and I'm not find of attempted cheap emotional manipulation from stuff like including abused kids and drug-addicted runaways (to be fair, maybe at the time published they had to treat that more lightly). It has some liable characters and most of what I wasn't happy with may just be first-in-series-itis where the really good stuff is just being set up.


I'm not sure I'll continue the series. I generally like these authors' books; but, it looks like other books in the series weren't written by them. I have a feeling teenage me would have either really loved or really hated the book. Old lady me knows from the size of my TBR and all the upcoming new releases I have preordered that it will likely be years before I'd think about the next book of this series.