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Review of "Green" (Green Universe #1) by Jay Lake

Green - Jay Lake

Intense.  What a trip.


Finished up unexpectantly quickly.  I was reading just a few chapters then couldn't stop.  A very different book, gripping writing, flawed heroine that you still root for even after quite frankly turns vengeful murderess (which is less harsh than it sounds when in context of whole story).  I have no idea how to explain the book or convey how it was sneaky in how it sucked me in to the story.


No cliffhanger, but it did seem to end too soon.  A few bits with her assassin training could have been better paced.  The end chapters saw very rapid events (and character changes).


I originally liked the sample when first publish but put off reading because Publisher Weekly mistakenly classified it as steampunk (actually completely other world setting, nothing to do with 19th century or American Wild West, if anything had an Eastern/Asian feel complete with rice paddies and yaks).  And for the same reason I watch some horror movies thru my fingers when I hear the scary music -- I thought it might get too harsh or violent based on description and other reviews.  It didn't for all the subject matter and violence -- saved by truly being a well written fantasy (some moments pushed the envelope for me).


Why on earth does booklikes categorize this as both Adult and Young Adult?  Author, publisher, and many public libraries all are quite clear it's a tense adult fantasy with murder, revenge, slavery, and sexual exploitation.  Author blogged from first idea of the series how it was intended to be way more sexual than his norm (not erotica or porno level of explicitness, just definitely not young adult and not his usual vein).