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Backpedal attempt: "Thanks--in spite of all the subsequent bullying of me..."

My heart and head hurts.  Again with the "bully" cries.  This from an author who deleted most of their earlier meltdown comments from the thread.


I was thanked, I suppose, for trying to explain the weird author popup (they get on goodreads when clicking to comment on negative review of their book).  Full comment:  


"Thanks--in spite of all the subsequent bullying of me, this was all I wanted to know and appreciate the feedback."

Screenshot of what they actually said is here.  Thank you JennyJen you clever girl.  


Because, no, this author did not just ask for help with a goodreads feature—they wanted to get up a petition requiring reviewers writing 1-3 star reviews on goodreads to blah, blah, blah...


Ignoring, incidentally that a ★★★☆☆ rating on goodreads is the same as a ★★★★☆ rating on amazon (according to both site's suggested ratings scale).  


There was a lot more that author has since deleted; which I at first understood because it was an obvious meltdown.  I had actually checked to see if any of their friends were currently online at goodreads to ask them to pm her to see if she needed help or a friend.  At first.  She lost me when, instead of just deleting and maybe saying "I was upset and I've since deleted my comments that were written in haste," she wants to fake what she did say in an attempt to backpedal:

The indie author didn't cause this fest. All I did was ask why I got a pop up on a review that said to not respond to it. The rest was by bullies and my mistaken assumption that anyone here had a prefrontal lobe."

*sigh* sorry, it's a nice backpedal try but screenshots say otherwise.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1696708-a-question-about-review-guidelines?comment=92674994&page=2#comment_92677130