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Poll on Goodreads Asking If Members Want Genre/Shelves Box Restored to Right Column on Book Data Pages

If not familiar with what's behind, here's the poll description:


"Recently Goodreads made two design changes. 

The first one was that they removed the genre/shelf box from books that are not-very-popular/are-new. 

If you don't know what that is see this picture. This is the genre/shelf box that used to visible on all books. If the book was not categorized in a genre you could see the people's shelves names. 

The reason to remove that genre box is: "Removing the shelves box was a design decision becauseit was seen to be duplicative. On books with few reviews, the shelving activity is already pretty visible in the Community Reviews section. On books with many reviews (where it may be harder to see shelvings in the reviews section), you can find the link to Top Shelves pushed up top to the Genres box." 

That is okay, though not really, since then you had to brows trough pages of peoples reviews to find some shelves indicating the genres. 

But then a second change occurred! They decided to redesign the community review section
and now you not only don't see the genre box, but you also don't see how people have shelved the book. See screenshot.

You might think this is a no biggie but for a new or not really popular book or author there is often not much information. In order for the genre box to appear, the book has to be shelved by a set number of users on the same shelf. The problem with this is: 

* Not every one uses the same shelve system 
* Not many people will read a book they don't know what it is about. 
* There are many books, including old ones that lack any description and such cannot be found online. 
* Since not popular books won't have any/many text reviews, in order to see how people have shelved the book, if at all, you have to click on every single non-text review, to see if there is such information. At least before the re-design of the community reviews it was clearly visible. 

Please vote and share this poll to collect as many votes as possible, to show Goodreads that we really do want this feature back."

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/poll/show/98093-do-you-want-the-genre-box-back-read-comment-n