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Review of "Here Comes the Vampire (Dead End Dating, #6)" by Kimberly Raye

Here Comes the Vampire (Dead End Dating) - Kimberly Raye

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Ooh ... is that ever a cringe-worthy cover or what?


This whole series is nothing but screwball comedy chick-lit style, nevermind the supernatural stuff tossed in. I was pretty sure I already knew how it would end barely a few pages in; but, that may be because I read the first five books and got the formula. But, they strike my funny bone just right  ever since an author on a panel at a book expo was joking about what next "vampire cowboys?" and a reader said, sure, over on that table caused a bunch of us to check out. Then sneaking a peek at first few pages ... hmmm ... sounds kind of fun.


In this one, our heroine Lillian (she who is soul mated to hunky lower caste vampire Ty) wakes up hungover and apparently married (vampires call it committed) to exactly the rich, neighboring from old world family scion her mom has been pushing her towards. Lily has zero recollection of anything of the sort other than a vague fantasy of making out with an Elvis impersonator in the elevators.  (Scion does not resemble thankfully.)


Family steamrolls over everything and Lily's solution is two-fold - steal the surveillance footage DVDs to watch for evidence and become the ultimate Vampzilla to stall all the reception and grandbaby plans (partly as the only way she can think of to handle her mom and partly to turn the groom off where he would confess if they had not really consummated the commitment as vampires, once consummated, do not divorce).


Mayhem of course ensues. A bit stream of consciousness in Lily's head and way too much brand name shopping (although that's usual for chick lit). Ty made a cameo towards the end and was sorely missed as some beefcake was needed. A bit less stream of consciousness and would have netted another half star (plus odd that a "born" vampire thinks about sunshine and eating chocolate).  I'm not going to reveal the ending, but as typical for the series it was satisfying.  


That cover -- argh -- looks like someone on goodreads new profile picture where they are protesting the new review and shelf name censorship by black-barring or duct-taping their mouth. But there's a backstory behind it. And it used to have a way better cover when Ballantine was publishing. (Author fought back the rights to the books when Ballantine discontinued the series when she missed a deadline due to death in the family but apparently not cover rights). I have been attempting to preorder the book forever (partly, I admit, in sympathy for the author but I really do get a chuckle from these books and really like the Lily character). Finally I was able to preorder but the publication date kept changing and changing and changing. Just last month it had five different release dates added but finally downloaded last week of November. I was starting to think it had not been written yet. Book ends with author saying there would be more in the series.


Mostly the series has been fun. In a Jersey girl with domineering and matchmaking family upset she is still single girl in the city and pressuring for grandbabies and pushing potential husbands at her Kind of way.


Will of course be reading further in series.  Although not sure I'll post in with new releases (I spent a lot of time changing release dates on booklikes posts on new releases just for this one book).  Disney has optioned for tv series but no clue if actually going to be produced.


Quick, now someone recommend me a good hard core science fiction read ...


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