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Kushiel's Dart - Jacqueline Carey

Well, I have a friend whose reading tastes I normally share who adores this series.  I can already see where it could grow into some very complex, interesting politics/worldbuilding.


Right now, kinda meh on it.  I knew going in the main character would like pain (and nothing squicky like torturing or molesting children is happening although the system is exploiting them and risking such things ).  She has just turned 10 -- not unusual for fantasy genre books to start with someone's childhood -- where I expect it gets more interesting as she gets older.


Just basically right now she's been sold by mother to be raised in a temple(?) that's basically a brothel and then sold into what amounts to slavery from what I'm reading ("indentured servitude" for a decade or so if had been permitted to stay in the whorehouse ... er ... temple).  May say something about my reading tastes, but not that shocking or that interesting yet.  


Again, there are glimpses of a larger story where I can see this being a series I can get into.  Just not that exciting yet, she's not old enough to be that interesting or aware yet, and from her child's viewpoint not much known of this world yet.  


Very early in book.  I can get interested in a series if I can get interested in a character, a plot line, or the worldbuilding -- so, we'll see.  (I am past the days of hearing that book #2 or #5 or whatever in a series will hook me, I do need to remotely like the first book.)


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