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Review of "The Fate of the Tearling" (The Queen of the Tearling #3) by Erika Johansen

The Fate of the Tearling: A Novel (The Queen of the Tearling Book 3) - Erika Johansen

Oh hell no what a weak ass, dumb ending.   Oh, I won't be specific in order to avoid spoilers.  If you haven't started this series yet, don't.  


[UPDATE:  quoting a note at end from the author about publication delay because did not want to turn in a "weak" final book -- IMHO she did.]


Basically, the reader was supposed to *poof* forget everything read before in these three books.  All the complex building of world, story and characters where by third book we were just dying to know how author could possibly resolve everything  ... answer = didn't.  


At this point I don't care if because possibly even wrote herself into a corner she did not have skill to resolve or possibly planned from the start.


No, it wasn't the worst series endings like a massive cliffhanger, kill everyone off of the " it was all a dream and now character woke up"... but dumb, weak, insulting way to end it.


Not even going to finish sharing highlights and reading progresses or rate this one that I enjoyed up until the ending.  I'm feeling duped and cranky  enough that I'm tempted to not onky rate this one a ½ star but go back and change my ratings on the other two books—the only reason I'm not is that at time I rated previous books the rating I did give my honest opinion of hem.


UPDATE:  Found this note from the author quoted in another review:


"Dear Tearling fans,


I wanted to apologize personally for the delay in publication of Book 3, The Fate of the Tearling. This delay is entirely my fault, not my publisher's or editor's. The publication schedule for the book simply proved too tight for my own creativity to match, and I felt that the original draft I turned in to meet my deadline wasn’t up to par. I am very proud of this series, and I don’t want to disappoint either myself or readers who care about this world by concluding with a weak book.


My publisher has been extremely understanding and accommodating of my request for more time, and I do believe the draft on which I am now working will meet the standard I tried to set with the first two novels. I ask for your patience as I work toward the new publication date, 11/29/16.


Thank you for your wonderful support for these books, as well as for your continued positive feedback, which has helped me every time my morale has flagged. I apologize again for the wait, but I hope the final installment will be worth it.



Erika Johansen"