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Oh! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

My actual local library now has expanded ebook program (overdrive -- they used to do just audiobooks with a few public domain ebooks and kids videos).  I've been paying to use the library in next county.  




And they have a better, bigger selection with series I've been buying like Elemental Assassin, Jane Yellowrock and Chicagoland Vampires.  Seemingly more available now rather than having to waitlist.


Not dropping the other county library (will borrow at mine first).  If I never borrow another ebook from them again, their $25 annual fee is well worth the reads I've borrowed these past few years.


I am also going to be … cleaning.  Yes, cleaning.  Actual housecleaning with a goal of finding lots of books to donate to support libraries and other causes.  Probably will mean some booklikes shelf updates.