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Bout of Books 19 Day 4: Challenge - Character Dating Profile

Challenge details for Character Dating Profile - "Create a dating profile for your favourite literary character. Where are they from? What are they looking for? What are their likes and dislikes?" (no suggested hashtags but I assume they meant #CharacterDatingProfile?)


Hypocritically, I am really looking forward to reading everyone's posts on this one.


I have never created or seen a dating profile (married current and only husband before there was such a thing -- or even an Internet or widespread computer dating services).


Narrowing down which character is my favorite might defeat me (plus the first ones that come to mind -- Smudge the fire spider, Little Fuzzy a fuzzy sapiens, and Ruth the white dragon -- are respectively an insect, written as if a minor child , and an asexual).  


Others already have their sexcapades or romantic interests well-documented in their stories by far more imaginative and talented writers than I where I'd feel like I was twisting their stories in the way of very bad, very disrespectful fan fiction.


I think my answer to this challenge is:  Pass -- unless I can make up a trope/generic YA heroine who needs two guys secretly supernatural to form an angsty love triangle, one must be controlling asshole clearly bad for her, both must put up with endless wavering indecision and self-pity, both must save her from TSTL moments.  She would be new girl from out of town (radically larger or smaller -- or a local girl while one or both of them would be new kids) from extreme end of social class (the princess or the wrong side of the tracks) with family angst, have a heretofore unduscivered superpower eventually blowing that of the other supernaturals away or be plain human with addictive beauty/pussy that makes powerful supernaturals dance to her tune unless irrationally hating evil villains, and possibly some family member with sob story to protect or rescue.  Their likes are to have the guys and all other characters treat every word as a pearl of wisdom unless self-deprecating where they get to reassure her that her luscious flowing hair and pristine skin she moans about are actually quite beautiful.  Their dislikes are not having the two guys vying for their affections and any authority figures trying to rein in TSTL moments...



Source: http://boutofbooks.blogspot.com