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Only 50 million reviews on goodreads?

Just something I got reminded of because someone just liked one of my reviews over on goodreads where I am just for a few groups and stubborn friends.  [I thought I had pulled all my reviews from goodreads and Amazon, my gr profile showed zero reviews (I used to have several thousand reviews), -- yet, lo and behold goodreads was showing my review of A Discovery of Witches to be liked (although not showing it in "my books" nor in number of reviews on my profile.]. WTF???


Don't get me wrong, of course goodreads and other sites/businesses are smart to make a big to-do of all milestones.  So this months' (year?) ago milestone announcement of 50 million reviews wasn't exactly strange.


Except I'm still a bit surprised and a bit bittersweet that the 20 to 25+ million members* on goodreads wrote only 50 million reviews.  I know that's not necessarily averaging only two reviews per member (and that many members just don't review or even use goodreads after joining).  But what a low level of activity compared to before Banned Books Week back when Amazon took over with censorship driving us here and other book sites.


From what I see, most goodreads members who do write reviews are rather prolific about it.  My friends and followed reviewers on goodreads are more indicative of the genres I read than the reviewers on the whole site, but most if they do review have written a minimum of 25 reviews and a rough estimate average glancing at a few profiles is 125 reviews.  I'd expect the author review circles alone could have written more than the 50M touted.


Goodreads must really have lost a lot of reviewers, including some considered the top in the country (not me, I'm not very prolific about reviewing what I read).  Too bad more of them aren't moving to or at least also participating on booklikes.


*I have no idea how many members goodreads currently has; every now and then a staff member posts something talking about 20+, 22+ or even once 25 million.