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Today's autocorrect fails...

For some reason, iPad keeps changing "doing" to "dong." 


Whatever have I been writing to cause that?


I have no idea why it now changes "Do" to "Ø" but I suppose that could be hiw long I pressed the "o" key or something.


I'lll be lucky if typing on it doesn't start being really slow with all the phrase keyboard shortcuts I add to get around some really hated autocorrects like changing " doesn't" to "diesn't" ... but with autocorrect off I have a lot of errors on the touchscreen keyboard (I type over 100 wpm on a regular keyboard with no errors which causes issues on touchscreens).  


Speech to to text with my voice is a joke; even if I'd spend more months training some of the more expensive software.  Siri doesn't understand me at all.


dong.  d-o-n-g.  D-O-N-G indeed.