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Exciting "New" Goodreads Feature

Changes in how following/friend/favorite an author works.  See thread at https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/2260989 .


Hiw excited are we that goodreads is making such site updates?  Aren't they responsive to our requests?  


How great they are following  through on their recent (frequently reiterated) policy of going to do everything possible to make it easier for authors to interact with their readers?  Isn't that what we all look for when choosing our book communities:  more author communication?


 UPDATE:  I read a few followup comments on that thread.  Sounds like the change is goofing with the "friend" status between authors and regular member.  I'm somewhat confused so read for yourself but near as I can make out:


  • If you had friended an author before (at their request or at yours), that changes to "following" an author.
  • There is no choice to friend an author so you cannot re-friend.
  • Authors can still friend and send friend requests (guess that let's some re-do friendships if they know what's up and  let's some get around until-box restrictions and feed filters)
  • The send message to author is now buried in the drop menus in case you want to restore the friendship by asking them to send you a friend request (assuming they did not restrict their inboxes -- I guess maybe some authors may want to change their in ox settings?)
Source: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/2260989