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Review of "What Stays in Vegas" by Beth Labonte

What Stays in Vegas - Beth Labonte

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Quick, mostly fun read.  But extremely wish-fulfillment where I think it almost needed a genie or a fairy godmother.  This chick got one good thing after another happen to her.  


Lost points (and interest) with me for how relentless all good things were plus the whiff of love triangle.  And by the heroine just accepting without being that great a friend—at least that was last quarter of book so I did finish.

 Great new friend giving you such good times is shitfaced when a client tells her to show a zoning board member she already found gross and had fought off physically and our heroine abandons her there but was nicely consoling later when new BFF was puking over sleeping with him; gets shitfaced again and thinks is a good idea to strip at amateur night but you do nothing until client walks in with zoning board ... But, hey, folks...it's all okay because now the civil engineer boss has lost job so the two of you can start up an art business together that she fully funds!

(show spoiler)


Don't even get me started on the love triangle.


Reading progress: 70%

My interest flagged a bit at the halfway mark; but it's a quick read so I kept on.  Actually one of the better books I've tried via kindle prime lending library.  


It's rather wish-fulfillment because the MC gets sent by corporate in icy New Hampshire to 87F Las Vegas (I didn't think that was accurate for December but go with it for sake of storyline) to fill in for a chick on maternity leave at the request of owner's daughter who met her in the ladies room once and is now her BFF.  And drinking partner.  (Both are straight).


They hit clubs and drink a lot which like the rest of the book is fun—but there's a lot of it generally followed by hangovers.  New boss funds her club wardrobe so she can tag along and bouncers send them to front of line.  And lines of men fighting to buy them drinks.  I now skim those scenes which does make for a fast read since I really have no interest in how many times creepy or cute guys buy them drinks or someone throws up.  But silly and wish-fulfillment or not, I did want something fun to read...


She (a secretary mostly typing and photocopying) of course gets a red convertible BMW rental car and a hotel suite on company dime—from a company who bitches when they use too many paper clips.  Still fun, light and quirky if not very believable.  And her new BFF boss rents her art studio space to use on e a week during work hours still on company salary (this pushed my limit  on my accept-for-sake-of-story meter).  


Writing is mostly fine—from first person POV so can get a bit much in her head Which only works because she is likable.  And now there's an incipient love triangle which is so not my thing (plus she sends mixed signals to both git's, one whose marriage is apparently on the rocks and fades my liking for her).  An example of where writing wasn't fine was this out of the blue (not explained until next paragraphs although I guessed having read the book blurb) bit starting Chapter 3:

"This strange little hobby I have started when I was on the phone one morning with Jiggly Kitty tech support.  Their…"

Reading progress: 5%



Well, writing not the smoothest but not too bad on the errors and I have gotten interested in what happens to the main character.

"This is when all four branches converge on a hotel ballroom dressed in their finest, get totally shitty from the all-night open bar, and are kindly asked by hotel management to find themselves another venue next year."


Reading progress:  Just Starting or My February 99¢ book borrowed from $8/month kindle prime lending library


Yeah, I know, a bit late in the month.  I also have a dozen reviews and two dozen January and February challenges to post.  


This book will either quickly be a fun, quirky read or an utter DNF if I don't like the writing or give a flying fig about the main character.  

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