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Review of "Hard Magic (Paranormal Scene Investigations, #1)" by Laura Ann Gilman

Hard Magic (Paranormal Scene Investigations #1) - Laura Anne Gilman

This reader's personal opinion, ©2013, all rights reserved.* 

Mixed feelings on this one.  I liked the story, the writing, the magic system, the worldbuilding and mostly the characters.  I enjoyed being in on the ground-floor of the paranormal agency coming into existence.  Not a whole lot characters fleshed completely yet other than the main character.  I'm likely to pursue the next in series, partly because their first case remains solved but with aspects unnsolved.

I mostly liked the main character.  Again, that was a bit mixed.  Part of the time I really liked her and being in her head.  Other parts were too YA for me, particularly brief moments in the beginning where obsessed with both expressing her individuality with hair and clothes and with appearing grown up -- not something most adults do, but that mostly faded away.   She was very believable as an investigator (none of that woke up one day suddenly given a special power or developed an interest in); very conscientious in the work she was doing.  The whole paranormal investigation unit part of story line was particularly well done and held my interest.


I read from a library ebook loan via Overdrive if anyone's library uses that system.


What did not fade away that annoyed me (presumably to leave possibilities open for subsequent novels?) was every bloody chapter or in some places a handful of times each chapter had to yak on about her sexual urges, responses, and how she was bisexual.  


You'd expect this to be a smutty book but it was really weird because she kept dwelling on it but never doing anything about it.  Not bad purple prose type of nonsense, just really all lust and urges and a relentless insistence that we know she was bisexual.  Maybe author is, felt it was topical/trendy, was an anti-homophobic stance she wanted to take in light of current politics and other authors' public statements, maybe had a dear friend paying homage to or some other reason.  It just was oddly inserted into storyline, particularly as the other woman on her team was sized up and dismissed as potential lust interest and M.C. only lusted after guys throughout the book—neither here nor there for me, the character's sexual orientation, just that it was very repetitive and yet oddly never went anywhere.


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