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Review of "Cast in Peril" by Michelle Sagara

Cast in Peril  - Michelle Sagara

This reader's personal opinion, ©2012, all rights reserved.*


I'm not assigning a star rating to this one because I'm honestly not sure how to rate.


Our intrepid heroine is back…and I read the 500+ page book nonstop because as engrossing for me as the previous books in the series. It was that good. It also went absolutely no where. Seriously, I'm not sure there are any spoilers I need to avoid until very last line of book.


It was her plus the ongoing politics of he dragon court, fiefs, high court, assorted races, her career with the hawks—and actually this book had a more complex plot, including the mages, female dragon, her egg, the candle her powers are supposed to light, what hatched from the egg, more about exchequer embezzlement, more about almost every character from previous books (the last new added race rather absent) and another group trek to another Barani High Court ceremony, this time in the West Marches.


Of course still yet another race had to be introduced, the Hallione, with some similarity to the fief tower avatars. And more runes, words, alphabets, true names, new languages, new shadows, and in the end pretty much nothing …

they not only never made it to the ceremony they were getting to for 500+ pages but the last line of book literally says "And still the recitation awaits!".

(show spoiler)


I'm glad some storylines like what would hatch out of egg progressed—but none of the story lines/mysteries resolved. Frankly, the last line of book ending with an exclamation point was just insulting.


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