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Review of "Scarlett: The Sequel to Gone With the Wind" by Alexandra Ripley

Scarlett - Alexandra Ripley

This reader's personal opinion, ©2012, all rights reserved.* 

Wildly improbable with Scarlett unrecognizable and Rhett barely so (and absent for much of book). Started with decent slant of getting more into her father's background versus the southern "aristocracy" she was raised in...except that was away from Tara as promised in synopsis on book jacket. If not touted as sequel and a standalone book, I would never have guessed by anything other than character names that it had anything to do with Gone With the Wind.  I might have rounded up for not being completely formulaic and settings/era not as commonly used in the genre If not supposed to be a sequel.


Writing was okay except often overly dramatic, just not story or characters or even a thin attempt to connect to Gone With The Wind. The children she gave birth to in Gone With The Wind the book are even more absent than they were in the movie version.



Story moves to Yankee city where Scarlett goes all alone and gets all squishy and insta-family ties with "lace curtain" Irish relatives; trades in silk stockings and haute couture for striped woolen tights (those striped tights are an incredibly important plot point driven endlessly into reader's head by repetition—this reader never understood the importance but it must have been important).  Takes off, again alone, to Ireland and ancestral lands.  


Lands in such bad shape she (foreign stranger and female) singlegandedly insta-nobility takes over clan leadership to get clan back on its feet.  Yes, things in Ireland so bad there were waves of immigration to U.S. but Scarlett can singlehandedly revive a foreign country.  A few paragraphs of Rhett and their woes were in there somewhere. Take on English society.  Stuff I don't remember.  

(show spoiler)


The End.


At least the made for TV version was shorter.   



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Source: http://donealrice.booklikes.com/post/653296/review-of-scarlett-the-sequel-to-gone-with-the-wind-by-alexandra-ripley