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Clean Out Your E-Reader Challenge - November 2013


Clean out your E-reader Challenge Sign-up


Clean Out Your E-Reader Challenge – November 2013


The Clean Out Your E-Reader Challenge is hosted by Berls at Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle at Because Reading is better than real life. The challenge takes place from November 1 through November 30, and anyone can sign up and participate. You need to be reading e-books, though, and those e-books should be either eARCs you got for free, Kindlle or Nook freebies or very cheap e-books. I know I often go a little click-happy on Netgalley, and I’m still surprised when someone accepts my request. This past week has been crazy, though, I went click-happy and was accepted for so many books I could use this challenge just for those. And when I read about the challenge, I checked my kindle, and I actually have over three hundred (!) free or $0.99 books on it that I haven’t read yet. So yeah, this will be a crazy challenge for me, and I’ll for sure do the ‘Deep Clean’ Challenge where I read more than ten books.


The Rules are really simple:

• Go through your E-readers and select the FREE OR NEARLY FREE (up to $5 will be accepted) books you’d like to read during the challenge. The book must have been free, (Kindle Deals, Netgalley, Etc.) Anyone caught not using a free book or a book that is pirated will be removed from challenge.


• Sign up with the linky on the hosting blogs letting them know that you plan to participate. Then, on November 1st create a post announcing your participating with a list of books you plan to read during the challenge. A starter post will be posted at 8am on November 1st with the review link. Link your participation blog post there. Links not live by the end of the day (11:59 PM PST) November 1st will be removed. Your book list doesn’t have to be set it stone it can change along the way, just be sure you’re still reading FREE books.


• Start reading your free books (starting November 1st) and reviewing them, either on your blog or Goodreads (blog will give you more traffic). Put the link to your review (to the review URL, not your Web Address) on the review linky available November 1st, listing your blog name and the name of the book you reviewed. When you write your review, be sure to include the challenge logo and linky at the end so that we can all check out the reviews.


• To enter the giveaway: every day you post a review of a free E-book, enter the link (to the review URL, not your Web Address) on the Rafflecopter available November 1st (1 link per blog, per day) to get an extra entry in the giveaway.


We’ll also be having a Twitter Party (Date TBD) – while your reading your free E-books or posting your reviews be sure to update us on Twitter with #COYER!


I hope I’ll be seeing you during the challenge! I really need all the help I can get, and it would be even better if someone could disable that pesky one-click on amazon for me as well :)

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