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30-DAY BOOK CHALLENGE - Day Four - Favorite Book of Your Favorite Series

Fuzzy Sapiens - H. Beam Piper

The first book, Little Fuzzy, charmed me.  Started reading thinking just another space adventure on unsettled planet (i had read other of authors works like Uller Uprising so was expecting more military action or soldier of fortune usual fare).


Jack and the rest snuck into my heart before I had blinked.      The whistle scene ... The soldier's reaction ... 


And then came Fuzzy Sapiens and really ramped it up a notch.  The characters and the whole fuzzy race that I got caught up in in the first book -- well everyone including the villains were just more in this one.  The what-ifs that make me keep reading science fiction books.  Themes like colonization, corporate greed, native peoples in the face of another race's expansion, good vs. evil — all there without destroying one durn good inventive yarn.  Mr. Piper knows how to draw you into a story.  One that does not read dated despite publication date.

Source: http://donealrice.booklikes.com/post/556929/30-day-book-challenge-day-four-favorite-book-of-your-favorite-series?preview