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Review of "Reap the Wind" (Cassie Palmer #7) by Karen Chance

Reap the Wind: A Cassie Palmer Novel - Karen Chance

Ack! Yes, I enjoyed the read (well not the opening flubbing about in time travel interrupted by other Pythia and yet more bad guys that went on too long). If I didn't like the book while reading it, I'd have rated much lower for the simple fact it's pretty much all filler. A lot of recycled filler at that as Cassie is still trying to

locate Pritkin before the curse with his demon dad along supposedly with the antidote.

(show spoiler)


Yes, okay, towards an end chapter she did seem to have toughened up a bit and gotten more aware with less patience for everyone using her. Which is kinda like the bits in the previous books.


Unlike some other reviewers, I wouldn't consider it a cliffhanger ending; just a "nothing" new sort of thing. Again, read like a filler with the big buildups anticlimactic or still to come. I'm not invested in any of her love/lust interests because I don't see any of them as good relationships. I'd be happier with the romance, though, if she took more control and either made an effort to get a healthier relationship with Micea or ditched it.

As a story, not worthy of 3 stars. As characters I enjoy reading about, what to know what happens next and written in a way that engages me ... *sigh* I know it's the 7th in the series but I was hoping to have moved past what the past couple of books have rambled on about.


With the exception of one character's parentage, I don't think there's even anything in this volume to put under a spoiler tag if anyone has read the past few books.