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Love how author puts it in " Five Books That Improve Upon Heinlein’s Juveniles "

I love how article's author puts it: 

"For me, that requires the intended audience to include teens, that the genre be science fiction in the narrow sense, that the protagonist be a young adult, and that they get to do something that actually matters in the course of the book."

I think that last is a big part of why some YA books, particularly SF ones, miss the mark with me.  I need something to matter, to make me care about the characters or turn the page to see what happens next; something to invest in.  Endless angst and who winds up with who and vain things don't cut it for me.  And, yes, I realize the Heinleins looking back are problematic -- particularly in gender issues -- but at the time they actually were progressive and did have females doing something other than being queen bee mean girls or underdogs needing rescue, being prizes or objects or worse merely encoujraging admirers.

Source: http://www.tor.com/2018/10/08/five-books-that-improve-upon-heinleins-juveniles