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Going into a reboot of a fave

Martians Abroad: A Novel - Carrie Vaughn

I've waffled back and forth over whether or not I wanted to read this reboot of Podkayne of Mars - Robert A. Heinlein  (a preteen favorite).


Not sure I want it "messed with.". Oh, the original reads dated now with sexist nuances missed back then (think blinking eyelashes to get your way and the chick being the one stuck changing diapers in zero g) while reading of a female in space who does things, thinks things, has goals and keeps her humanity/compassion even around adults with political agendas.  The original Poddy is still a charming character and the space details still interesting.


This one by the author of the Kitty Norville series has renamed her "Polly," ditched all the family except Mom and now a twin brother "Charles."  Opens on Mars:

"Dust flew behind me, and I crouched over the handlebars, sucking air through my mask, blinking behind my goggles."