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What's in a book description...

How did I miss something so iconic of the fantasy genre it has tens of thousands of readers? *snark*


No kidding, this was in a book description of a single book (with under 100 reviews).  I'm deliberately not naming the book because neither stealth advertising for it nor recommending for/against buying it.  Just a reflection of how frustrated I get with lack of book synopses lately:

"Join tens of thousands of readers already loving this epic fantasy adventure. Click or tap 'BUY NOW' to start today...


[redacted book title] is the first novel in an epic fantasy adventure series readers are comparing to Raymond E. Feist’s Riftwar Saga, Terry Goodkind’s The Sword of Truth, Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles, and David Edding’s The Malloreon.


[redacted series name] sword and sorcery epic is being hailed as one of the best high fantasy series in years, drawing on all the appeal of Tolkien’s deep and soulful characters, Robert Jordan’s sweeping worlds, and Marion Bradley's unyielding heroines. This is a saga full of spirit, determination and resilience."

With quotes from various other writers and editors saying things like "“The world of [redacted], is richly textured and imagined, in the vein of Robert Jordan's very successful Wheel of Time series..."


Kinda suspect sockpuppets or some illegally-not-disclosing-service-of-a-return-review swap going on because writers reviewing this book use same keywords and similar comparisons.  Which is such a shame because more of those actual tens of thousands of readers need to be writing reviews of such a clearly iconic book.


Sales rank not really indicating tens of thousands of readers were buying it on Amazon -- but, I don't believe Amazon counts if was a free download, borrowed via Kindle Unlimited, Prime Reading or KOLL in those rankings.


ETA:  I've had a longstanding rule of not bothering to screen through endless quoted praises.  I think I now have to add not screening through screen after screen of bestelling in whatevers, award nominations, seals of whatevers, and I really don't want to read about a book being "hailed as" whatever.