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Goodreads now vandalizing ISBN and ASIN information on their library of book data pages to match Amazon retail product pages

Seriously, the newest edition for sale on amazon of even out of print books gets to have the reused number, not the ones readers originally shelved and think they have safely in their shelves.


What's next?  As soon as your volunteer librarians slave for months over the new policy to get bulk of books in line with Amazon product page data -- merging goodreads data and reviews to Amazon?  Rounding up all our ratings by one in order to match the Amazon rating scale?    (not what thread said, just my snarky query)?


Bad, bad, bad for book cataloging.  Plus they announced on a thread everyone (or even every librarian) might not see for a while and deliberatley restrict librarians from adding notes explaining the ISBN/ASIN move with links to the edition that used to have it.


I had evil thoughts when one of the responses I read was that those of us who catalogued the first edition or an older edition because it was the one we read/used,  can now just suck it when it comes to searching for our editions by ISBN/ASIN because it's somehow "time" we know what the nicer more "professional" (their phrase, not mine)  reviewers always re-reviewing when new editions come out  (and noting newly added / updated /now-extended in their reviews like good, non-bullying reviewers should be doing --  while upping star ratings. where possible) had to go through to find the newest edition.  After all, onky bullies felt each unique edition should have unique numbers rather than using a "oops, bad print run or suddenly caught mistake on book cover means we have to re-run cover/jacket" loophole ISBN agencies offered so at least a sudden new print run didn't have to get a new ISBN while publisher was getting bad print run returned from retailers.


Going to next start removing older covers indie authors no longer want seen even if used for cover hunt challenges in our groups and even if the edition we are currently reading on our kindles?

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/19254140-announcement-updated-policy-on-isbns-and-asins?page=1#comment_number_1