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Would you change your book review if... (usual rant ahead)

...you later decided (or other site members bombarded comments and messages that convinced or guilted you) author was nice, that you now understand how hard it was to publish a book, that your review was actually very critical, blah, blah, blah?  (I'm not talking about a review that said nasty things about or personally attacked an author.)


Some days I should only visit booklikes and fictfact on the Internet. I always look forward to visiting booklikes.


I just saw a review that did that, started with an actual apology to author for previous criticism and a resolve that since such hard work to publish no one should ever rate a book lower than "liked it." WTF does that have to do with how much the customer enjoyed their read?  


Me? My reading experience is my reading experience. Doesn't change my experience or my review if later I find out author is a hard-working, wonder person or a horrible human being.  (I might quietly delete the review leaving an unexplained lowest star rating so book comparisons and recommendations stay more accurate if I decide to boycott because of author.)


I assume most authors do work hard and that it is a lot of time, effort, talent and cost to publish a book.  If I start reading a book that seems otherwise, I'm not finishing it.


How on earth is it really a five star scale for reviews if reviewers can only use the top, top two or top three ratings?  If we should only be rating a book 1-3 ways, isn't that a three-star scale?  Sorry for the rant but that always ticks me off.  


One of the paid review sites that illegally posts reviews on U.S. sites (in with consumer/customer reviews instead of editorial/paid/professional sections)  without disclosing the payment also illegally fails to disclose that all reviews have to have a minimum rating of ★★★★☆.  I'm sorry, that's not just illegal but if you can only rate one of two ways (★★★★☆ or ★★★★★ ) that is just not n a scale of 1-5, it's a 2-unit and not a 5-unit scale - a thumbs up or two thumbs up type of scale, silver or gold star, smile or grin emoticon... Heads very fast into the territory of suppressing consumer speech, violating consumer rights, deceptive trade practices, violating consumer endorsement regs, et. al.  (not to mention violating site policies of most U.S. sites with customer reviews).


[ I saw the review while half-heartedly updating my goodreads catalog. It went from a rating of book was "okay" (hardly nasty) to a rating of "liked it."]


At least it wasn't one of those "readers-have-to-tell-author-what-changes-to-make-then-keep-buying/updating-newest-edition-before-you-can-review-BECAUSE ONLY BULLIES DARE REVIEW THE EDITION THEY JUST READ" with socks and others trying to remove reviews from two years and 35 editions ago ... or a review circle where the others will 1-star review the books of anyone daring to rate their book less than ★★★★★ ...


*If I think an author is a horrible person, I exercise my right to a consumer boycott.  I don't consider boycotting retail products and sharing the boycott info to be bullying anyone.   I update my book catalog in a way useful,to me.  I don't buy, read or review their books and may point out the issues I have with them on posts (not in my book reviews) to help others stay safe against some whackjob who attacks their customers/reviewers or is otherwise deserving of boycotting.  I try to remember to post with do-not-link, images and screenshots rather than putting name in text to avoid the drama possibly wanted to improve their product visibility/discovery and their search engine position.  But, my reviews are just my opinion of the reading experience I had with the edition of the book I read.