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Crap. I have a black eye.

No, not from any holiday drinking incidents.


A stupid miss of the last/third step into my concrete-floored garage rushing out because of bad family news.  The family news is nothing I could do anything about or want to talk about yet.


It's ugly and swollen enough to interfere with my reading (my good eye).


 I fell on my left side and raised my head enough so that my cheek and not my skull was injured; have had X-rays and CAT so am positive nothing broken (emergency rooms this time of year ...).  Just painful black eye and left wrist, left lower leg and ankle are badly bruised and sprained.  


It's going to be a few days before I can stand.  Downtime would have made for great reading  ... damn black eye (but thank God no split skull) is interfering.


Yup, that's bookworm me.  Painful injuries and I am upset my reading is interrupted--partly because it is a coping mechanism when I do go through hard things (and hard things tend to come with paperwork to read).