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Old Man's War (Old Man's War, #1) - John Scalzi

With this "group read," even though basically seem to be discussing the book with myself -- man, I am so relieved to start reading the next segment I spaced out for a discussion as soon as I finish my other library book.  I need this.


Oh I've been enjoying the book and being very amused by it if disappointed at the group read aspect -- but, I am positive that John Scalzi will not pull the crap my last book pulled on me (last in the series decided to put a weak-ass ending where past books and chapters just were *poof* wiped away).  No qualms at all that Scalzi will do that.


Oh, and my library book is by Molly Harper -- and I'm confident she also won't do some dumb, weak-ass ending.  HEA and an actual proper ending it will be even if leaving something open for rest of series to follow.