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Ugh! Ugh! Horrid book piracy ...

So I just spent some time tracking down the link to report a pirated book to its publisher (took longer to find out who published it).


It was for publisher Hatchette ( http://www.hachettebookgroup.com/report-piracy/ ) and the footer of every page on their website shows the clearcut "Report Piracy."


It kinda spoils my day, though.  The piracy, not the reporting process which is a quick form.


It's tough enough for authors, the book industry and readers without that crap.  I will make all reasonable efforts to report plagiarism and piracy when I run across.


Sheesh, I was just trying to find the definition of one little word used by an author and up pops two of his books as using that word ... *^€>#@! pirated copies of the books.  Bloody damn hell.  Why steal?  Why steal from authors? (No, income level and access to books is not an excuse to steal.)