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Finished Chapter 1 (July read for booklikes' Virtual Speculation Book Club)

Old Man's War (Old Man's War, #1) - John Scalzi

Hmmmmm…what would people do to regain youth and health?


I think I would go pretty far; hopefully stopping at anything doing harm to an innocent (not related to this particular book — at least I don't think so after first chapter — but I think I would balk at things like taking over someone's body while they had brain activity, child molesting, etc.).


I have countries I would consider immigrating to.  I would consider military service (for scholarship reasons I tried as a teenager but failed physicals).  I can understand why giving up citizenship means never returning to my former nation.


This book, however, is asking the main character and others to give up their citizenship to join a very mysterious nation/federation/empire.  


Nothing said about form of government, laws, constitutions, what their civil rights would be … not sure I could do that.


A clause stating that in addition to the youth treatment unspecified modifications they deem useful could be made … uh, nope, too paranoid (what if they felt they needed to make me a bacterium or something weird or in constant unrelenting pain rather than just able to breathe atmosphere assigned to?).


Military service to last two years minimum (then up to ten years if they deem circumstances warrant it) … that's not too unusual when at war but I would prefer an idea of what percentage of recruits currently serve the full ten years; not a deal breaker but a complete news blackout gives no idea what's up eith the war.


The whole news blackout and not knowing who you were joining (and who they were fighting, particularly since the contract states specifically you might be asked to war against humans) would all around bother me.


Of course, old age and increasing debilitation or health issues would also bother me.


Guess I will know more in further chapters.  But, as is, not sure this is something I would ever do except as a gung-ho drunken teenager thnking it would be exciting to go out in space ...


Link to the booklikes book club reading this book throughout July if you care to join in: http://booklikes.com/book-clubs/50/virtual-speculation )





Five chapters a week for this July bookclub read of Old Man's War.


Breath of Heaven (Well of Sorrows) (Volume 3) - Joshua Palmatier,Benjamin Tate  Breath of Heaven (Well of Sorrows)    


Plus whatever library ebooks I borrow (lots on waitlist plus binge-ing some series, currently Drink Deep in Chicagoland Vampire series is checked out) will interrupt regular reading schedule.


Another bookclub read of whatever TOR offers free (mid-month?) plus 24in48 readathon July 22-23 will also disrupt or remake plans.


Source: http://booklikes.com/book-clubs/50/virtual-speculation