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Bad side effects of re-organizing my booklikes shelves

I think I need a break from finally getting around to my shelves here on booklikes (as in haven't done since the goodreads import four years ago).  Some side effects making me need a break:


  • My posts this past month talk way too much of finding freebies -- a habit I broke five years ago (I Thought).  I know that's because I was working specifically on shelves where books I meant to sample when the groups/bookclubs were touting good or free indie books had languished.  Duh, what did I expect from cleaning up my "free at one time" "sample when no longer preorder only" and "sample to read" shelves?
  • I think I've spent more time researching then adding missing bookcovers than reading.
  • I know I've spent more time putting in various librarian requests (particularly combining book editions) than reading.
  • I keep seeing books I forgot about that suddenly I want to get or start now.  That might even look way better than my current read.  
  • Books shelved four years ago Imwas happy to wait to get are now likely cheaper in paperback or even available at library causing me to spend time updating retail and library site wishlists -- again, distracting me from reading.


I've had such a lovely run of ★★★★☆ to ★★★★★ reads.  I need to get back to reading my "regularly scheduled programming" instead of shelf distractions.


I also do need to work on my shelves some more now that booklikes has a book database and has librarians in place.  Just "uncle" for now.