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Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

I am so easily distracted from this book.  Not engaging me at all.


While I don't mean it as the book being unoriginal, I managed to slog through this far partly by playing a game of "does this remind you of something" and fondly remembering other scenes from other books and movies.  


For example, some scenes in an arena or safely caged boundary.  What a deluge of scenes that brings to mind.  Mutated humans (the Silvers) battling mutants with dissimilar powers = X-men panels with the new students.  Royalty using peasant girl marrying up as propaganda while likely to kill her afterwards = Princess Bride.  The ring/arena being enclosed by magic = ooh the Deryni books with that cover of new-to-powers Kelson battling inside a sphere with one color for his magic; "contest" to marry the prince screaming of the Bachelor and the Selection (particularly the Selection if you swap the 1 and 5 caste numbers for Silvers and Reds ) ... 


Just because this book also has a couple of characters fighting hardly makes it unoriginal; that's not what I meant.  But, it's not interesting me yet and I am instead getting the urge to reread a remembered favorite.


Other parts do remind me too strongly of other books (like the Selection and Tearling books) in writing style, characters and plot — it's now screamed the angst-y ya love triangle plot at me.  Saw it coming *sigh* ... slogging on anyway with diminished hope.