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I'm back from the rabbithole of freebies and book browsing

I only downloaded a couple.


Only lost a couple of hours to the "shinies" of also enjoyed/bought and lists of freebies.  (I'm happily not avoiding the shinies on my dashboard from fellow booklikers.)


And I completely managed to not download the books that right after a non-rave review/rating had a suspiciously large number of ★★★★★ ratings all on the same day with similar phrasings (presumably to bury the non-rave and manipulate/game the average rating).


Sheesh, anyone faking reviews really needs to learn to spread those out and throw in a few reviews that don't gush over exact same things.


Happily avoided downloading ones with descriptions that were endless quoted praises (nope, did not click to read more in hopes of eventually scrolling to a proper synopsis).


Happily avoided downloading ones where the description itself exhausted me or made for bad reading.