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2017 Reading Challenge accomplished!

(Actually, it's an accomplishment that I remembered to track some books.  I took off several months from booklikes while staff seemed inactive.)


I'm happier that most of those 50 were very good reads, almost all at least ★★★☆☆  (on Amazon scale that's ★★★★☆ ; I use goodreads scale because initially that's the reviews I imported).  


No reading slump (although not always moved to review).


My average rating on booklikes is 3.7 stars (the equivalent of 4.7 stars on Amazon).  Likely because I usually will not finish books I don't like.


A couple of DNFs so far; only one annoying one because DNF'ed nearly halfway instead of just immediately knowing not for me.


More statistics (some day I'll back get on a non-iPad device that let's me edit my settings to add the widgets):