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A Second Bite at the Apple - Dana Bate

Holy crap will she please stop whining?  What happened to the character that initially engaged me?  Get over it already.  Not even wanting to read where planning on using someone for a scoop.


I'm out.  I don't care what happens next.  I want out of this chick's head.  


DNF for the story and the MC (not for the writing which initially engaged me).


Honestly.  The jackass misogynist boss/farmer/baker is still annoying with no end in sight. Don't dismiss that shit with eyerolls and "he's such a character" or how he's really big-hearted, gruff ... asshole grabs balls to say has something for you, grabs your ass,,cannot remember female employees names ("sweet cheeks" "tits" ...), crass remarks constantly is not a gruff old teddy bear.


Swallow pride, quit whining  and get on unemployment from losing a 4-year-full time-with-benefits job if unable to find better job soon (or if determined to keep that couple days a week one, hey, it's a crowded public farmers market so next time he touches you scream and cause a ruckus threatening to press charges and sue if he touches you again or tries to fire you) .  Unemployment pays better than the asshole boss.  


Dismissing him as harmless character just enables and cycles onto next poor female employee inheriting the prick when you do get one of the jobs you applied for.


OMG, you can make more in tips even at bargain-priced chain restaurants for the love of Pete!  And some of those have unions (or even some HR departments) to protect you from the pricks.  Seriously, in the D.C. area she is working for the douchebag netting all of $150 per week.


(If someone has read this I am mildly curious about the truth of Jeremy's past scandal and if Libby's wedding goes on as planned)