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Blood of Tyrants  - Naomi Novik

AaaarrrggghhhHHH ... I'm skipping ahead to the second of three parts of this book after checking some other reviewers and having zero interest in amnesia-stricken Laurence on his own in Japan (never come up in series before).  


If I feel like I missed more than filler, I may come back to it.  (No offense to Japan and more no doubt fascinating languages and customs to discover but I want to get on with the story of Temeraire's homeland in China, Laurence's homeland in England and the Napoleonic War without more travelogue/filler to more continents and countries).


The other seven books in the series have been leading up to more of China, England and an eventual resolution of Napoleon -- presumably what will be parts two and three of this book.


Rollicking good last book ended with the delegation en route to China and I'm stubbornly going to start there because that's what I want to read next.  Overall a great series but I don't need to slog through another mini-culture as if fan fiction of some more in depth treatment overlaid with modern western sensibilities (and I doubt Novik will do any more in depth look at Japan than we just had with Africa, Australia, the Incas, or Brazil).