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"Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake"— Lois McMaster Bujold


RANT: Cliffhangers. In debut series by debut authors?

Awww....c'mon guys.


Cliffhanger endings are barely okay in the middle of a series for me.  And at that there better have been some extremely good earlier books to make it okay (or not quite an overt cliffhanger so much as obviously more will follow).  I'm likely to put a series with a cliffhanger that takes years between books on the backburner.


I've been redoing some shelvings and browsing about for new reads.  And I'm finished for the night after closing far too many browser tabs on potential new books/authors because it was book 1 with a cliffhanger ending.  (Frequently a short-ish page length where maybe a longer book got chopped into a "trilogy" because those reputedly sell or that maybe with editing the trilogy might really be a longish single book once extraneous meanderings ...).


Cliffhangers .... bah!  Takes a lot of recommendations from friends with shared reading tastes to go there, particularly a new to me or outright new author.