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The Ruby Circle - Richelle Mead

Not starting off well with this one.  I don't care for it when one character (in this case, Adrian) passively let's a parent mistreat their spouse.  Worse in this case because told from that character's POV where in their head they see and acknowledge it but take no action.


A few more chapters and I'm sure I'll be utterly immersed, though.


This series has really proven itself to move along with great intensity that draws you in -- but, I think I'm going to have the same complaint with this one as with earlier ones.  Meaning that the two alternating POVs really sound like they come from the exact same character; sometimes I can only tell because Adrian POV will mention looking at Sydney or his spirit power or his relatives/mom/cousin or because Sydney's POV will mention looking at Adrian or her magic or her dad/mom/sisters.


I'm still in Adrian's head for this first chapter and it just doesn't ring as "masculine."