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Review of "Falling Kingdoms" (Falling Kingdoms #1) by Morgan Rhodes

Falling Kingdoms  - Morgan Rhodes, Michelle Rowen

Great start to what seems like will be a sweeping, juicy fantasy series.  Don't let some of the book descriptions fool you.  Wolfed right through this one very quickly -- unusual for me with all the POV and location switches which can sometimes go very wrong for me.  


Loved it.  Not quite traditional fantasy fare (well, elemental magic's not new of course).  Very quickly the goings-on of three kingdoms (plus the "elvish" sanctuary) and characters became clearly intertwined.


Oh, sure, main characters were young-ish and extremely quick to jump to conclusions and emotions (both instant hate/vengeance, some melodrama and instaluv).  But that was also part of jumping right into the action and the storyline so failed to really bother me.  As series progresses, that could sour me on the series if gets heavy on the insta-whatever -- but, with this book I am currently hooked on the series and will be starting Rebel Spring as soon as my turn on the library waitlist,