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Review of "Dark Heart of Magic" (Black Blade #2) by Jennifer Estep

Dark Heart of Magic - Jennifer Estep

Huh.  Read this on my kindle and posted several quotes and updates to goodreads for later inclusion in this review -- none of which show there.  Oh well, one less thing to use goodreads for.  May as well disconnect it from my Paperwhite.


That aside, a good book that could have been better if more monsters and  magicks. and less family (think "mafia") plotting.  Somewhat as expected (middle book of series) because there's more backstory on people, developing relationships and eventually even the discovery of exactly what big bad villain is plotting.  Way more people are let in on her "secret" including by her personally -- which was weird because she and others have been spending so much time (and so many chapters) hiding it.  


And early on a really weird mention of Devon's supposedly deceased Daddy being in Lawrence's sword as if the first book had already revealed that.  Could be my old lady memory, but all I remember first book saying about his Daddy was that he was dead.  No mention of being reincarnated as/into Lawrence's sword.  That's one status update I wish goodreads hadn't destroyed because I quoted the exact passage *shrugs* -- if I can ever track it down in quotes or updates I'll update this review to add it.  Just the one mention but could prove pivotal to the series grand finale.