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Review of Shadowland (The Mediator, #1) by Meg Cabot

Shadowland - Meg Cabot

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Opened with a great premise, a tough-had-it-together-even-though-not-fitting-in heroine. Premise being that she was, unbeknownst to everyone, a "mediator" meaning could see dead people and help them cross over. Now with mom's new marriage moving from New York to California so getting new home, new school, new bunch of stepbrothers, etc. All was as interesting as it sounds with funny bits and lots of highlights.


Then devolved for me. Mediating apparently frequently meant she punched out ghosts, there was typical mean girl stuff (the rich pretty girl of course was the mean girl with a dead clique member being the school ghost), TSTL defying of adults and common sense leading to hospitalized bystanders, her suddenly fitting in and getting voted after a week ... and of course a love triangle rearing up with mean girl's bff's whitebread boyfriend and an in-house ghost Latino hottie with liquid brown eyes (somehow I doubt she's in a hurry to help him cross-over )...


It's a Meg Cabot book so well-written and humorous. But not for me so unlikely to continue series. (Library has it so I won't say "never going to continue" since would be a free read; but not interested at this time).


I would have rated it higher if the first chapters hadn't held such promise.

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