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Review of "Cast in Honor" by Michelle Sagara

Cast in Honor (The Chronicles of Elantra) - Michelle Sagara

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I liked it. But I've been hooked on this series from the beginning, almost obsessively. Absolutely not a series to read out of order.


I liked it. I really did. Sagara can write and always draw me in. But it read like just an episide, case or adventure in the life of Kaylin. Granted a Kaylin who has grown and is not so insular.


More murking around not knowing what's up with Nightshade (he and Severn and the other familiar characters seemed weirdly "faded" and absent from the story in favor of newer characters, even the few scenes with dragon Emperor made his character strangely passive), weird building and dimensional and "true name" explorations reminding me of the first-go-down-this-corridor-pick-a-direction-to-turn unending computer games alongside more shadow and elemental related stuff. Only made it murkier and less interesting by throwing a tiny twist into it

of some pockets of even murkier time disruption

(show spoiler)



Author is not helping us make sense or visualize any of this by writing still yet longer passages trying -- she needs to stop going on so long about the world layers, words and the true names because readers who follow the series already get it or don't (and at book 11 probably aren't likely going to have a sudden epiphany).


This is the last of this series I'll preorder. I can wait for remaining volumes to show up used or library borrow (I think only a couple more are planned?). Honestly, if hadn't been labeled as #11 of this series with familiar character names and author -- I'm not sure I would have liked it. Certainly no longer the same I felt about first few books where I actually put on my schedule when expected ebook preorder arrived knowing I would drop everything and could not be disturbed until woofed down in one sitting.


Oh ... and the case wasn't solved. I guess the formula works (mysterious villain, crisis that could destroy city/world, Kaylin ignorantly pulls words from the runes in her body and saves day). I don't feel the need to even put that comment about how Kayln saves the day inside a spoiler tag; anyone reading the series now knows that's what's going to happen.

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