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Another whine about book descriptions ... and the incredibly shrinking Amazon.com book details

Not my usual whine about screen after screen of nothing but quoted praises.  But the amount of book description you see without clicking to "read more" … and Amazon has really freaking shortened even what you see after clicking the "read more."


The Book Description (Synopsis) you see on first screen without scrolling or clicking to see more:



Amazon is the absolute worst with their ever shrinking book details. Even clicking to read more you are stuck with what seems like always being reduced book sections.  No shrinking ads, pushing programs like kindle unlimited, all the customer reviews of anything but that "about the book" stuff and series info (I miss the Shelfari series details) — it's the book page version of the incredible shrinking woman.


Gee, guess we all need to just go by their ads, their Amazon rankings, their "also bought" and the customer reviews instead of learning about the book.


Putting more screenshots under the "read more" ;) so as not to flood the feed with my rant.


And this sttill irritates me less (other than Amazon shrinking stuff I want to know about the book) than the page after page of praises at the top of the book description (this one went on to quote a lot at the end but at least I don't have to scroll that far if I don't want to).


First screen as as seen on Amazon:



[In this example, likely not the author's fault and instead just what publisher handed off to the book sites-- I tried to scratch out some identifying details because this isn't about that book but rather how details display.]



Click the spoiler to see the "read more" first screen of synopsis (big help) on Amazon:


(show spoiler)


The first screen of synopsis on kobo:




Clcik the spoiler to see the read more on kobo:



(show spoiler)


First screen synopsis on Barnes and Noble:



Click spoiler to see the read more on Barnes and Noble:


(show spoiler)