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Review of "Golden Lily" (Bloodlines #2) by Richelle Mead

The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead

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Get out the popcorn. I still like these quick books, still intrigued by Sydney and the whole Alchemist aspect. Finishing in one sitting means I cannot really rate it badly or complain about the writing; but, I did have mixed reactions to this one.

Pro: Did get to see more of Sydney's abilities. And the lack of social experience made for some funny moments, including the short-lived mini-me dating Trey sucked her into. Dimitri showed up with Sonya Karp to do pull Adrian in on the research on Strigoi and why Dimitri cannot be turned again. The high school setting took major backseat. 

Con: No one really seemed themselves. Dimitri and Adrian as researchers was just odd. High school stuff was still odd for the storyline. Made odder by Sydney being moved away from Jill (Eddie and others sent to protect her still away from her even if boarding school campus) and an unfamiliar to Moroi powers-that-be (and completely untrained although Eddie tasked with training her) keeper chick, Angeline (?), now rooming with and body guarding Jill. Hard enough to swallow then add Dimitri not questioning or improving security measures on campus, at Adrian's apartment and out at the old Moroi's estate even after several incidents ... just couldn't suspend disbelief enough to go with that or adult out-of-nest-ran-alchemist-territories-alone Sydney in teenage mode (the dating and couple of kisses were fine just other aspects jarred). Cult-ish villains

(off shoot of medieval splintering of alchemists)

(show spoiler)

spring up out of nowhere. Sydney's general,acceptance of all kinds of shit and no one seeing anything coming ...

I'll read the next. Still interesting characters, alchemists and magic. Mentions Marcus Finch a renegade alchemist (not villain like Keith) so more conspiracy stuff like the cultish villains which I'm not fond of. (Hopefully not a love triangle with Sydney/Marcus/Adrian forthcoming after mess of Jill/Micah/Eddie/Angeline stuff this volume made--I have limits). Good, easy reads with problems and stuff I don't always like but free library borrows so I'll finish.

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