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Magic Rises
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The Black Company: The First Novel of 'The Chronicles of The Black Company'
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A Match Made in Spell: Lexi Balefire, Matchmaking Witch
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Sins of Empire
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"Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake"— Lois McMaster Bujold







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The Black Company - Glen Cook

I am liking this book a whole lot.  I was hesitant to start because sounded more grim than I normally like.


The company physician is the narrator; I'm enjoying his wording as he relays the story.  It is military with combat and death.  The Black Company is in the thick of it with a lot of losses.  But, it's more interesting to me than grim or particularly explicit violence (so far).


Yay!  Potentially a really huge new series to engross me.

Reading progress: 22%.

The Black Company - Glen Cook

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The Black Company - Glen Cook

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The Black Company - Glen Cook

Busy, busy, busy Fairy Librarian

Magic Rises  -  Ilona Andrews

This ebook downloaded, too.


I have a distinct tone for the notification where my furbabies hear it and bounce over guard the ereaders until ransomed with treats.  Pavlovian response indeed, eh?

My favorite Fairytale retell series

Cinder - Marissa Meyer The Stepsister Scheme - Jim C. Hines The Fairy Godmother - Mercedes Lackey

And the first SOS Bookshelf BINGO call is "military"

The Black Company - Glen Cook



This is one I'd heard of as being iconic to grimdark fantasy.  A huge series kinda intimidating to start.


But I loved the sample; just got lost in the TBR for years.  Then,  the last monthly free ebook from publisher TOR (Macmillan) was ... The Black Company.   Not only is it shelved as military for this round of BINGO, it's also the current read for booklikes' bookclub here if anyone cares to read along.

Source: http://booklikes.com/book-clubs/88/tor-monthly-free-ebook-science-fiction-and-fantasy

My Fairy Librarian brought this off the ebook waitlist ...

My Life as a White Trash Zombie - Diana Rowland

...just in time to use it as my free space read for Serious Overload of Series' Bookshelf BINGO Round 17, free space.


Been meaning to give this series a try for a while based on fun posts on my dashboard from other readers.  Sounds funny.


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Immune  - Shannon Mayer

Reading progress 55%

Immune  - Shannon Mayer


Immune - Shannon Mayer  Immune - Shannon Mayer  

Which Dysfunctional Space Crew Do You Belong In?


Source: http://www.torforgeblog.com/2018/09/06/which-dysfunctional-space-crew-do-you-belong-in

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Immune  - Shannon Mayer

I'm hoping to finish this library book tonight.  Real life needs to stop interrupting my reading.


I think I'm going to really enjoy this series (this is only book 2).  Except for MC's so-called best friend, I like these characters and the storyline.


Where to Start with the Chronicles of the Black Company Series — from publisher TOR/Macmillan

The Black Company: The First Novel of 'The Chronicles of The Black Company' - Glen Cook

"A genre-defining series like The Chronicles of the Black Company can be intimidating. It might seem hard to know where to get started. There are plenty of places to begin (though we recommend book #1 or the upcoming Port of Shadows as entry points), but we’ve made it easy for you with the official chronological order!


Discover the original grimdark fantasy series with the dark and epic tale of the mercenary group The Black Company..."

Source: http://www.torforgeblog.com/2018/07/31/series-order-chronicles-of-the-black-company

Catch a Cowboy: $1.99 ebook sale from publisher Hachette

Cowboy Take Me Away - Jane Graves Flirting with Texas - Katie Lane The Sweet Spot  - Laura Drake
Source: http://mailchi.mp/hbgusa/romantic-ebook-cowboys?e=9e1d0fa22b

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