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"Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake"— Lois McMaster Bujold







Just Pre-Ordered "Protect the Prince"

Protect the Prince (Crown of Shards #2) - Jennifer Estep Kill the Queen - Jennifer Estep

The second in the Crown of Shard series, Protect the Prince - Jennifer Estep, is dropping July 2, 2019 -- I just preordered.


It's the sequel to Kill the Queen - Jennifer Estep  .


Review of "Wild Country" (The World of the Others) by Anne Bishop

Wild Country - Anne Bishop

I finished this one a while back but was having trouble reviewing.


While reading it, I was thoroughly caught up in the story (and it was a stay in seat until finished read).


But, like Lake Silence, it introduced more new characters.  Oh, some familiar faces made an appearance.  And some really fascinating new "others" were introduced.


I think it missed the 5-star mark for me because it was too brief to get as hooked on the characters as I did with The Others series. 


I hope the next installment gives us more of the characters from these two books rather than a new main character.  Even if not, I'm looking forward to more in this world so am continuing the series. 

Review of "Kill the Queen" (A Crown of Shards, #1) by Jennifer Estep

Kill the Queen - Jennifer Estep

Damn, who wrote this?


Seriously, I have enjoyed other books and series by Jennifer Estep.  Gave them good ratings, devoured series in their entirety and was a fan.  But there were always things to pick on, some pacing, some repetitiveness, various other things that didn't stop my enjoying her books.


This book was extremely well written.  Start to finish.  Fast paced.  So fast paced that surprisingly this first book has a very complete story arc, an absolute opposite of a cliffhanger.


The main character -- oh, sheesh.  Not perfect but perfectly written.  Not in the least perfect, but a fully developed, believable, character to root for.


The story unfolds believably and logically even with the twists.


Boy, I'm not writing good reviews.  But I've had these books languishing waiting on a review so for now this is the best I can do.


Definitely continuing the series when more are published.  Ms. Estep has gotten really good as an author.

Quick note, not really a review

Raising Innocence - Shannon Mayer

Best in the series so far.  Rather clearcut with some big huge game changers for the characters (versus some murky running around trying to figure out things that did drag a bit in previous books).


Series had been decent so far but not really hooked.  This one hooked me.

Review of "Honor Bound" (The Honors, #2) by Ann Aguirre and Rachel Caine

Honor Bound - Ann Aguirre, Rachel Caine

This was just ... great science fiction, great worldbuilding, great characters, great story, incredibly interesting aliens ... 


Gush, gush, gush ...


Ever have one of those books that it's very hard to review because it was pretty perfect?  I had preordered this because fell in love with the first book in series and it did not disappoint (or read like a collaboration).


It's also hard to review without spoilers as more of the politics and aliens and history and worldbuilding is revealed as story unfolds.  Some new and some just surprising at how deep some things went.  Very little purely good or evil.  Doesn't end on a cliffhanger but clearly more is ahead.


Boy is this a suck-y review -- but this series is really getting good.

Review of "Leviathan Wakes" by James S.A. Corey

Leviathan Wakes - James S.A. Corey

Well sort of a review.  I've had this sitting in my currently reading well after I finished it, mulling over what to say.


It's a damn good book and excellent science fiction.  The basis of the tv series The Expanse -- which I have not watched and want to read further in series before starting.


Two things had it languishing on the TBR pile for quite a while -- wasn't sure how dark/horror it was (partly from seeing tv series trailers) and the number of POVs.


It's not horror in the sense of slasher films and the type of science fiction where there's some mutant something or unexplained monster showing up.  It is intense and there is violence and death -- but not what I'd consider horror.


The point of view changes surprisingly did not bother me; well handled and well written.  I am very curious how that's handled in the tv series with so much of what makes this book what the characters are thinking.


The type of juicy worldbuilding I enjoy without boring infodumps and lectures.


Definitely continuing the series.

My New Backyard

I've been pretty sporadic about being online because after a series of family losses I picked up and moved to Las Vegas (northern part en route to Mt. Charleston).  Been busy with the aftermath and the move and settling in and all the thousands of things relocations need.  I'm hoping to be more active on booklikes very soon and am crossing my fingers it's not shutting down.


My new backyard:



The old one:


I have a better view out the front and will eventually do something with the backyard once all the moving and closing expenses settle:


"“There weren’t any fairy tales in the streets around me. If there was ever a Cinderella, her glass slippers shattered under her weight and she limped home bleeding from the ball.”"

 —Seanan McGuire 

Reading progress: 20%.

Shadow's Bane (Dorina Basarab #4) - Karen Chance

"But then I found out that somebody, probably the damned guards, had drunk all the beer, and that was the last straw.


So I was hermiting inside my tent with an attitude and the last piece of food in the place. Because there are certain things even a troll won’t eat."

Reading progress: 18%.

Shadow's Bane (Dorina Basarab #4) - Karen Chance

"But I didn’t lose it and run screaming across the yard, although I don’t get any points for that considering that my knees had just locked and I couldn’t seem to move."

Reading progress: 14%.

Shadow's Bane (Dorina Basarab #4) - Karen Chance

"“You are not injured!” Claire snapped, grabbing a box of Band-Aids from a cabinet and slamming them down in front of his paper cut.


Caedmon looked at them sadly. They were SpongeBob, which I suppose he felt was lèse-majesté.


He opened the box anyway."

Reading progress: 55%.

Chimes at Midnight  - Seanan McGuire

"He smiled against my lips. When I pulled back, he said, “I was a student of Shakespeare centuries before the romance novel was even dreamt. Be glad I do not leave you horrible poetry on your pillow, wrapped securely around the bodies of dead rats.”"

Review of "Chimes at Midnight" (October Daye, #7) by Seanan McGuire

Chimes at Midnight  - Seanan McGuire

As usual for the series, I enjoyed this one.

This far into the series, hard to review without repeating things I've already said about previous books. A very grim situation -- villain addicting changelings to a drug -- for Toby to deal with in this entry. Yet, somehow a calmer, less dark book than previous. Maybe because she was calmer, secure in her relationship with the King of Cats, mentoring a squire, etc. Moved a lot faster on figuring out things like who was behind the drug and how to handle the Queen of the Mists--there was a lot more floundering and TSTL moments in previous books. Some prickly relationships seemed easier as well.

Series is still going strong for me; looking forward to reading book #8.

Reading progress: 83%.

Chimes at Midnight  - Seanan McGuire

"She should have been writhing in agony.



Instead, she was just looking for something she could hit.


I knew I liked her for a reason."

Reading progress: 63%.

Chimes at Midnight  - Seanan McGuire

"The Queen should have thought bigger. Because as long as any of us were free, she was finished"

Reading progress: 47%.

Chimes at Midnight  - Seanan McGuire

"Sometimes the books migrate when they feel they’ve been out of their sections for too long, and then I have to figure out where they’ve shelved themselves."